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Year 2009

CNI’s Rebranding New Icon & Slogan

Published: December 24, 2009

CNI’s Rebranding New Icon & Slogan

With over two decades of growth, CNI has developed rapidly, locally and on international shores, nurturing and expanding loyal communities. CNI will continue to progress, uplifting lives in its dynamic communities and assured of a brighter future.

In line with CNI’s progress, a rebranding exercise has been rolled out with a new icon and slogan to celebrate the dawn of this new beginning. The slogan “Uplifting Lives” means that CNI’s concerted efforts are made in earnest to deliver holistic, uplifting experiences that enhance the quality of life and inspire you and the people you care.

You will see more of the new icon in the Company’s materials in the future.

The rationale of this new icon are:

  • WHITE Pure, Perfection, Harmony, Safe & Trusted Brand
  • SQUARE Robust Strength, Stability, Reliable, Landmark, Continuous & Steady Growth
  • RED Passion, Strength, Pride, Desire, Love, Heart
  • FAMILY Community, Closeness, Unity, Family Values At Heart, Traditions
  • BLUE Intelligence, Health, Truth, Loyalty, Wisdom
  • LEAPING Full Of Life And Energy, Healthy, Vitality


CNI Top 10 Golden Events of 2009

Published: December 3, 2009

CNI Top 10 Golden Events of 2009


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