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Year 2017

Kerjasama CNI-11street teroka pasaran online

Published: Julai 21, 2017

SYARIKAT gergasi jualan langsung tempatan, CNI Holdings Berhad (CNI), menjalin kerjasama dengan 11street dalam usaha untuk menerokai pasaran atas talian. Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif CNI, Kelvin Koh menjelaskan, keputusan untuk menyertai digital dengan 11street berikutan keadaan persekitaran perniagaan semasa.

“Sejak Januari lalu, kami mencatatkan peningkatan jualan ketara, sekali gus mengukuhkan jenama dan kedudukan CNI dalam pasaran tempatan.

“Dengan sambutan ini, kami akan terus menambah lebih banyak produk ke dalam 11street pada bulan akan datang,” jelasnya.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif 11street, Chuljin Yoon pula berkata, sebagai sebuah platform perniagaan runcit online, penyertaan CNI dalam atas talian adalah satu strategi yang penting.

“Menerusi kerjasama ini, CNI akan membuka rangkaian lain dalam menembusi pasaran dan dijangka akan meningkatkan jualan sebanyak 30 peratus dalam tempoh enam bulan.

“Kami yakin jumlah itu akan terus meningkat apabila CNI memperkenalkan pelbagai produk terlaris dalam platform ini,” katanya lagi.

Sejak kerjasama pada Januari 2017, CNI telah memperkenalkan pelbagai jenis produk di 11street daripada makanan tambahan kesihatan, penjagaan diri, kosmetik serta makanan dan minuman. CNI Holdings Berhad ditubuhkan pada 1989 oleh pengasasnya, Datuk Koh Peng Chor, Tan Sia Swee dan Law Yang Ket.

Sehingga 31 Ogos, 11street menawarkan promosi eksklusif bagi paket percuma perencah kari ayam Sehati CNI Tongkat Ali dengan pembelian pek berkembar Kopi Ginseng Tongkat Ali CNI.


CNI breaks traditional business model with 11Street

Published: July 19, 2017


The ever-changing nature of Malaysia’s business landscape resulted in a shift from a traditional brick-and-mortar model to an e-commerce one. As one of the leading online marketplaces in Southeast Asia, 11street recently entered into a partnership with CNI Holdings Berhad, a traditional homegrown business, with the aim to help the latter transition onto the online sphere. The partnership arose from CNI’s objectives to engage a younger and more tech savvy crowd; simultaneously address the needs of an evolving consumer market in the country.

11street’s Chief Operating Officer, Chuljin Yoon said: “As online shopping takes a forefront in Malaysian retailing, brick-and-mortar businesses must consider to adopt omni-channel strategies. This is important because as the market shifts, businesses need to deploy creativity to reach out to more consumers. By partnering with 11street, CNI has opened another channel to reach the masses, and boosted their 11street sales by 30% over the past six months. We believe that these numbers will continue to rise as CNI introduces more of its best-selling products on our platform.”

Since the partnership began in January 2017, CNI has introduced a variety of its products on 11street, ranging from nutritional and health supplements; personal care items and cosmetics; food and beverage; auto care; and household consumer products.

CNI’s Chief Executive Officer, Kelvin Koh explained: “The decision to go digital with 11street came from the need to adapt to the local business environment. By latching on to a robust Malaysian e-commerce landscape, we are able to branch out with complete confidence in 11street’s ability to help amplify the reach of traditional businesses like ours.”

“Since January, we have seen a significant increase in sales as well as the strengthening of our brand positioning. This is evident through an increase in product exposure of our more popular products such as the SEHATI CNI Tongkat Ali Ginseng Coffee, Co-Go II Crawling Insect Spray and Nutrimoist. With such positive responses, we expect to list more of our products to 11street shoppers in the coming months.”

Established in 1989, the founders of CNI – Dato’ Koh Peng Chor, Tan Sia Swee and Law Yang Ket – came from humble beginnings. They shared a vision to start a business with minimal capital; but at the same time wanted to empower budding entrepreneurs to grow their businesses at their own pace. Almost thirty years later, CNI’s catapult into e-commerce anchors its aspirations of strengthening its market penetration and growing its consumer base in Southeast Asia.

“Today’s robust market demands higher flexibility and adaptability from various forms of businesses. This is why we encourage all forms of traditional businesses to join the e-commerce movement, as it provides greater awareness as well as convenience for consumers today,” Yoon elaborated.

CNI’s Chief Executive Officer, Kelvin Koh concluded: “11street presents an opportunity for businesses to grow together through its unique structure and ability to reach out to the online masses effectively. We hope to continue leveraging the 11street platform to grow digitally, in line with current trends and contribute towards the digital economy in Malaysia.”

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